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Hunting Flops Part 2

Day One:

The day you leave for any trip is the most unorganized and in some cases stressful day. No matter how organize you try to be by making list, planning out when things to be done and trying to leave at a decent time.

Matt and I were leaving to meet up with friends in Burns for our very first turkey hunt. We bought the sportsman pack which includes Spring turkey, bear, and cougar. And yet every year those tags go unused. So this year we decided to at least try to get a turkey. Who knows we might not have to buy a turkey for Thanksgiving this year.

Anyways, I had the day off so I could get my things together. Also, the cat had a very important date with the vet that morning. 🙂 The night before I had almost everything done and ready to go. I just a couple of things to do plus take the hour and half to take Emma to her date.  I get back and finish the last couple of things before loading up the car. I head out to Matt’s house and take a detour to clean horse stalls really quick. Forty-five minutes later I am unloading my things at his house.

We initially decided not to take the canopy, but after looking at the weather report for Burns we ultimately decided we should take it in case. So, I grabbed the trailer keys to go get the canopy and some ice for the cooler. Just after I get back and start making something for lunch Matt shows up. After eating lunch we start loading everything up. We left around 2 PM…well so much for leaving at a decent time… Oh well.

We slowly made our way to Salem. Detroit. Sisters. Redmond. And in Prineville we decided it was time for some dinner. A nice hamburger and fries and end it with a large swirl cone. When we made the plans for going camping we decided that we would try some fishing on the way to Burns, so we stopped at Prineville Reservoir to try our luck at bass fishing. Lets just say our luck wasn’t good, but I did get some nice photos out of it.

The beautiful Prineville Reservoir (And no, I didn’t edit this)
Another shot of Prineville Reservoir
Prineville Reservoir

By the time we gave up it was nearly 6 PM. Again we started making our way to base camp. It was getting darker and visibility was getting lower. Turns out, we missed our turn off. Crap. We finally get to a spot and stopped to look at the map. Well, we better just keep going. We were getting low on diesel and it was getting late. We get to the 395…do we go into John Day to get diesel? Or do we try to go find base camp? I voted for base camp, since I don’t remember if John Day had access to diesel at 9:30 at night. Well we spent a good 30 minutes trying to find base camp. No luck. It was 10 PM and we were both tired and wanted some sleep. We ultimately decided just to find a good spot where we can pitch our tent and sleeping bags for the night. The plan was to get some sleep and head into Burns for some fuel before heading to find base camp. That’s exactly what we did.

Day two: 

We woke up about 7 AM after hearing a couple of trucks drive by. We both thought it was our camping party doing a search for us. We get dressed and start to take everything down to head into town.

After the truck was happy with some diesel we start our long trek of base camp. We made several stops to look at the map seeing many antelope and sage rats.

Come to find out we were 20 miles on the opposite side from base camp. Camp! Thanks for the great directions Nick! We arrive and no truck was there. We figured they had a search party for us. As we were unloading our stuff, one of the other guys shows up. We started talking to him and explained what happened to us.

He got a good chuckle out it. Figures. We were planning on going to a 3D archery shoot in Burns that day with him. We decided that we would still go. We quickly unloaded our things and got the tent set up…good thing that thing is a quick set up. Matt and I gobbled down some lunch, and we loaded our bows and packs into our friend’s truck.

We get to the shoot which is about 15 miles from camp, and there was barely no one there. We get signed up and started our way through the many 3D targets. The wind on top of the ridge was not playing in our favor. By the time we got done with the first half, I shattered one and lost two arrows. I wasn’t very happy. Also, when we got done my arm was beat. The week earlier I had pulled a muscle in my neck, causing it to be sore.

We took a break, ate some snacks and drank some more water. I decided that my arm had enough for the day, so I thought I would sit out the second part of the shoot. I did hike along with the two guys to keep them company and keep track of Matt’s score.

Both guys did well and placed in the tournament. After prizes, we drove back to camp to catch up  with the others. We spent some time catching up with them, explained what had happened to us. We then decided that we would do an evening turkey hunt, plus it will give Matt and I a chance to explore the area a bit.

Matt, Mike, and I drove around for a couple of hours and saw no turkeys. We did see some deer and a good sized herd of elk.

Day Three

BRRRRRR!!!! It was a cold morning. I didn’t want to get out of my -30 degree weather sleeping bad. Eventually, we get up and have breakfast, and everyone was debating on what they were going to do. Matt and I decided to pack up the truck and then go for a drive around to do some more exploring. We ended up only seeing some deer and found a good area to check out for next time. By the time we got back to camp, the weather became even colder and had a slight hail/snow mix. I was glad we had already loaded everything up.

After saying goodbye to our friends, we slowly made the trek back home.

In the end we had gotten lost, explored some new hunting grounds, and made memories. Although we didn’t see any turkeys, I’m okay with that. We had a good time and now have an entertaining story to tell everyone.



WPC – Curve


We all know the saying “When life gives you lemons, you make lemonade.” Or how about “Karma is a bitch.” Or even “When one door closes, another one opens,” but what about curves? In every road there’s a curve. Sometimes it’s a switchback, sometimes it’s a small 5 degree, and others it is a complete 360.

I like to look at a curve as a new opportunity…maybe not as drastic as a new open door, but something in addition. This picture was taken in Winter of 2015 on the Santiam Pass. It was a new opportunity to spend with friends, have a few too many drinks, and make lots of new memories.

It brings back the memories of playing beer pong (horribly I must say), stack it (some of us were pretty good…), and listening to awesome 90s country music and singing obnoxiously at the wrong part of the songs. Although, this curve was nearly as big as some others curves in my life, but I do appreciate the time spent with good friends.



Benefits of Having A Writer BFF

After a conversation with two of my best friends, Angel and Ginger, it sparked a new blog post idea. I tried to come up with the benefits of having your best friend being a writer, and I could only come up with a couple. So I decided to turn the tables and ask Angel and Ginger.

And here’s what they come up with:

  1. Getting secret insider story updates
  2. Having a writer BFF means having an ‘advice column’ at your disposal—even at 3 AM! Dating advice? Check. Style advice? Check. TV show advice? Check.
  3. Text messages are pure entertainment
  4. There will never be a boring moment waiting for your food at a restaurant, because your writer BFF can tell you a backstory for every passing stranger…including your waitress.
  5. Sometimes characters in your BFF’s book are named after you
  6. The moment when you’re at a get-together, and your BFF plops a computer in your lap and says “Story update!” and your heart swells because you feel so special and loved
  7. When you succeed at something, and your writer BFF can tell you how awesome you are in a million different ways.
  8. Birthday cards are epic
  9. Getting to help your writer BFF cast future movie spinoffs of her books
  10. When you’re sad, she has all the ‘write’ words to make you feel better…pun intended
  11. No great moment from your childhood will ever be forgotten, because your writer BFF kept a detailed journals of all of your adventures
  12. If you need a name for you pet/car/plant/etc., you BFF writer can give you 20+ names in under a minute

So to add a little about these….

  1. Most of the time a writer needs advice about how a story pans out and a lot of the time a writer has an agent and publisher on their side to help out. But for someone (like me), doesn’t have either. But I do have two very BFF’s who are always there for me.
  2. Ha! So, I’m not sure how much dating or style advice I’ve given them…I think I’ve asked them more, but I have given them lots and lots of new TV shows and movies for them to check out. Or even the latest book I read.
  3. Well, I think this one is pretty self-explanatory. There are times when I get hit with an idea (usually when I’m driving home from a long day or week at work), and I want their opinion about how good the idea is…or bad.
  4. The creativity of a writer is endless. We can, on the dime, come up with how someone got to where they are today.
  5. Because they both are such influential people in my life, I believe one of the best ways to show them how much I appreciate them is by adding them in little snippets.
  6. Again…ADVICE needed! Help! I’m stuck!!!
  7. Because you’ve helped me with my dream, I believe in celebrating your achievements as well. What kind of relationship would it be, if we only cared about thyself? A pretty crappy one.
  8. No one likes a boring birthday card…trust me.
  9. This just gives us an excuse to look at hot actors on Pinterest….
  10. I don’t like seeing my BFFs having a crappy day because some asshole doesn’t care…
  11. I like to use moments of our adventures together in my stories, even if they are small and settle.
  12. I always have a list of names for characters, their pets, cars, etc. etc.


Angel and Ginger: NONE!

WCP – Numbers – 1433

OHSET (27)So I’ve been slacking the last couple of weeks. Work has been interesting with new changes of management, etc.

Numbers are everywhere. The first four-digit that comes to my mind is 1433. Four years I used that number to compete in Oregon High School Equestrian Team.

To me 1433 isn’t just a four-digit number. It’s the memories made with fellow equestrians. The team work of not just other members on my team but with the four different horses I’ve used throughout the four years of competing.

The endless hours of practice, two-point, no stirrups, perfecting certain aspects of a pattern, repetition of patterns, and the countless aspirin taken to dull the sore aching muscles.

Those are the memories associated with a four-digit number. I see 1433 and the memories of laughing for no reason, the lack of sleep: the 4 AM wake up calls to get ready for the 7 AM class, the late nights making sure the horses are taken care of before you yourself lay your head down. Memories that I will cherish and remember forever.


The Drive Thru Difference

To the lady in the red chevy who bought my coffee on May 6, 2016 in McMinnville, OR at the Dutch Bros. in the Bi-Mart parking lot:

Thank you. This probably won’t get to you, but I hope it does. I appreciate the kindness you provided to a stranger. The note (picture below) made me think. Not sure how many people you have encouraged maybe I was the only one, but I am sure that many won’t think twice about it. They probably won’t pay-it-forward or even tell anyone else what you’ve done. I truly believe if someone does you good, you should re-pay them in some sort of a way. But if the circumstances, like this, makes it difficult to thank them, then paying-it-forward is the best option.

I don’t go to Dutch Bros very often, but when I do it’s when I desperately need something to wake me up for a long day of work. That Friday morning was different though. It was a long a week of many hours of work and lack of sleep that made me get a coffee. Not only that it was Drink One For Dane fundraiser . Although I don’t personally know anyone with ALS, I do have friends and family who suffer from incurable diseases. I had every intention of leaving a good tip to be donated.

I was surprised and I am sure the barista was trying to hurry me up so they could continue with the 10+ cars behind me. After the initial shock, I started thinking. I’ll pay-it-forward. So, if you’re around McMinnville, Dallas, or Salem areas keep an eye out, maybe I’ll pay for your next coffee drink. 😉


The Thankless Earth

When you take the time in your busy day to stop and look around, what do you see? Do you see the black smoke coming from the exhaust of a diesel truck? The cigarette smoke from the person waiting for the city bus? Or do you really look and spot the bright yellow flower blooming at your feet?

Everyday we go about the day and miss the absolute beauty that the Earth has given us. The Monarch butterfly fluttering in front of your face. The big white fluffy clouds being swept by the wind. The sun setting or raising showing it’s exuberant oranges and pinks. The seven colors of the rainbow after a heavy rainfall.

I stop and smell the roses, take the moment to awe the rainbow, and watch the elk calf nurse from it’s mom. I do too, sometimes forget all of wonderful things the Earth provides us, but every now and then I get to experience landscapes like this….


An old logging site and a beautiful rainbow West of Dallas, OR

To Admire


I hope I did this right-first #photochallenge. :-p

Admiration: Noun, something regarded as impressive or worthy of respect.

Many people would consider someone they know and loved to admire. I do, too, have several people that I admire, but for this topic the first thing that came to mind is Magic (RIP). The horse. Admired by many, owned by few.

Magic, a gray 25-year-old Appaloosa/Arabian Cross, stole my heart and admiration (well, after a year of butting heads and refusing to let the other win…). The beauty that comes with horse ownership isn’t just the ribbons and buckles, but the companionship, love and trust you get with no questions asked.

Eight years of perfecting our relationship, countless hours of riding without stirrups, two-point, and remembering to keep your heels down all the while keeping your balance. Not only the extra hours of grooming and fussing over your best friend.

I’m to this day I’m still awed by him. The perfection of strong rippling muscles, soft kind brown eyes, long curved ears, lack of the Araby dished face, the soft pink nose, the irregularity of mottled (spotty) skin, and the shortage (luckily) of green and yellow stains on an otherwise spotless gray shiny coat.

“In the steady gaze of the horse shines a silent eloquence that speaks of love and loyalty, strength and courage. It is the window that reveals to us how willing is his spirit, how generous his heart.”

~ Author Unknown


Hop, Hop, Hop!

I am a self taught cake decorator. I had Matt’s mother teach me the basics and show me how to use some of the tips, but other than that I’ve watched thousands of YouTube videos, looked at magazines, and skimmed Wilton’s website.

I think most of the major holidays (Christmas, Easter, 4th of July, etc.) deserve a good cake. This year I attempted my very first basket weave and grass (the grass was a flop, but the weave turned out!).

Easter fell in March this year, and my family planned to have my niece’s first birthday cupcake on the same day (although her birthday is in April). I scoured Pinterest like an addict and found several ideas that I would have loved to have done.

I finally decided on a basket weave side, green grass on the center with a small chocolate bunny and robin eggs for the centerpiece. When I think of Easter I think pastels, so when I asked my mother for advice about what color the basket should be.

“Hot pink!”

Uh, really? “Why? I was thinking a pastel pink or yellow.”

“It will look great with the green grass.”

Okay, sure.


I got my idea from . Theirs turned out a lot better, but I was lacking in time so I had to improvise on the bunny and eggs.

The cupcakes were for my niece, who we were celebrating her first birthday (okay…a month early). I told my sister I wanted to make her first cupcake and everyone’s schedule is so busy that we decided to do a month early. 🙂

I learned a lot doing this cake:

  • A bigger tip would’ve gone a lot better and faster (Which, I tried to look at my local Joann’s but failed).
  • For the grass tip the frosting has to be mixed perfectly with no chunks at all! My tip kept getting plugged, so I decided I would a star tip instead for the grass so I could just get it done.
  • Also, taking the time to keep the frosting and cake cool so it doesn’t look messy when applied
  • And lastly, make sure you have more than enough time to get the decorating done. I was on a time crunch to get it done before dinner and in some parts of the cake it showed (hence the warm frosting due to lack of time…).

The Last Ride

I debated whether or not to post this one….

Three years. Seems like a long time, but for me I can remember that day as if it was yesterday. As a pet owner you never think about the end, until it smacks you in the face like a freight train. And when that time comes, you are never prepared to make that decision. It may be a situation where you know the time is coming, so you have an idea, but in reality you really can’t prepare yourself for it.

After you make a decision like that you always have the what ifs.

What if….

What if the timing wasn’t right?

What if I did more testing?

What if I got a second opinion?

What if I tried different medication?

What if he/she wasn’t ready?

What if I am pushing it too soon?

What if I don’t do it now, will he/she suffer later?

What if…

To this day I still ask myself those questions. What if I did more testing to see what really was going on with his body? If I did more testing, is it possible to treat it? What if I got a second opinion and they said it was something curable? What if he lived for another five years?

I still miss that damn horse. All the vet bills, failed ribbons, disastrous patterns, but many memories. Bringing up stories still hurt.

Like I said, I still remember that day clear as crystal. I woke up early the morning of. A Thursday. I wanted to spend time with him before the time came. I spent a good couple of hours grooming him, cleaning his feet out, braiding his main and tail. Since it was his last day, I wanted it to be special. I let him graze in the tall grass. My friend, Cheryl showed up and suggested to put some yellow flowers in his mane. I laughed and said, “At least he will be pretty when he dies.” My coach, Patti, came out to take photos of us together.

My support group. Cheryl. Patti. My ex promised when the time came even after we broke up, he would be there. Just another broken promise.

I could see Brett in the background digging a spot next to the other good ole boys, Fritz and Joker. I tried not to stare or else I feared I would start balling. Thank God Magic was mostly blind. He wouldn’t understand.

Heather, DVM, showed up with an assistant. I could feel my gut tensing up and sob form in my throat. I had Cheryl run up to the barn to get Magic’s purple stable blanket, he would be buried with it.

“Do you want his tail?” asked Heather.

I nodded, not trusting my voice. The assistant got some scissors and some tape from the back.

“I can’t do it,” said Patti.

I gave her Magic’s lead rope and took the scissors. I cut as close to the tail bone as I could. I held it up and said trying to hide a sob, “He finally looks like his Appy breed.”

Everyone stifled a laugh. “Are you ready?”

Tears welled up in my eyes, “I guess.”

We walked over to the pasture that Brett was digging the hole. “One last ride?” asked Cheryl.

I nodded, again not trusting my voice. I got a leg up and Magic and I made a round around the pasture. It will never be the same.

I didn’t want to bring him to the group. I wanted to say forget it. I don’t want to do it.

I’m not doing this for me, obviously. I am doing this for the good of him. His body is giving up-I was out of options.

Heather rambled about how their office euthanizes. I didn’t pay much attention. I remember they gave him a sedative to help him relax. They injected him. A minute later, nothing. Magic was fighting it. The assistant ran back to the truck to get another dose. A couple of minuter and two doses later, he went down. I balled. I took my time saying my goodbye. They waited until I left before burying him. I’m glad.


Magic Collage1

SIDE NOTE: This is a very hard topic. Especially to write about. I haven’t told many about it, because I don’t want them to feel the pain I went through. But as a pet owner, they need to know the hurt.

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