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WPC – Atop- Wonders of A Sunset

“When I admire the wonders of a sunset or the beauty of the moon, my soul expands in the worship of the creator.” -Mahatama Gandhi

The beautiful Eastern Oregon at it’s finest. At one of the top ridges looking down to the valley deep in the dry country. Caught a glimpse of one of God’s many creations as he decided to share with us.


On the way back to camp from a long day of hunting elk and mule deer in the fall last year. Stopped to snap a photo of the beautiful sunset.”>Atop

Idea Inspirations

I’ve been asked on many occasions on how do I get my ideas for stories. Well, it’s simple. Some ideas I get from personal experience, Sincerely, Kaitlynn. Others came from dreams, Concealed and Take Two. And then there’s the rare occurrence where I see a name that I fall in love with, and it gives me the inspiration to create a story that falls in line with the names I love, Koal and Noémie in B.N. Ranch Series: Price.

Those are the ideas, but what about the content? Again, they come from the same areas; experience, dreams, etc. I’m a thinker, so when it comes to ideas, I plan and plan. Then turns into thinking and thinking. I re-play scenes in my head probably a million times before I actually get them written…and yes the way I played it in my head the very first time is ALWAYS completely different than how it plays out when it’s written. Yes, sometimes that first version is better, but if I can’t remember what it was, then how am I suppose to get written..? Exactly, so I make a new plan. Let me tell you, most of the time I am replaying those scenes just minutes before passing out for the night. Which sucks, because when I get up in the morning I don’t always remember.

Although, none of the stories are represented by an agent, I hope some day (hopefully in the near future) that they will. Then again, out of the four stories…only one of them is completely finished (Concealed). I am in the final touches of editing before sending out my queries letters to agents.

Oregon Coast Adventure: Buoy 9 Review

Well here is my first review on the Oregon Coast!

Name: Buoy 9

Location: Hammond

Type of service: Bar, although family friendly

Food: Bar food, heard they have the best fish n chips

I got here early, just around 4:30 PM and decided to sit in the bar. I like the bar area, you can do a lot of people watching. 🙂 I was the only person here…awkward I know. I ordered a whiskey and coke with fresh halibut fish n chips. The bartender was very friendly, I’m sure she was bored. Because I was the only person here, I got my food fairly quickly.

Now the critique of the food and drink. The halibut chips were amazing. I’m a big fan of halibut in general, so it was exactly what I expected. It comes with your typical tarter sauce and lemon, which is a must for me. The french fries were the good thick cut, although it needed salt. I’m also a big fan of salted fries or taters. And I always do either a BBQ sauce or ranch. This time I did the BBQ, which looks and tastes homemade. I could be wrong though. The coleslaw was also homemade and it was fairly good. I’m usually very picky about coleslaw, I don’t eat it much because a lot of places don’t make it how I like it. But Buoy 9 was almost on mark. Definitely a lot better than other places.

I stayed as long as I could, and by the time I left there was three other groups. I could tell one group were locals and regulars, the way they chit-chatted with the bartender. Another group I overheard just moved into town, just happens to be the same apartment complex as Matt and I. And the other group didn’t sit in the bar area (underage). Anyways, it seems like a pretty laid back bar/restaurant. Then again I was there super early.

When I was ready to pay my check, I got my bill fairly quickly. I placed my debit card and finished making notes for my review. On the back of my card I have “Please See ID”, and for once the bartender actually asked for my ID. Not a lot of places ask for ID, so I was relatively pleased with it. The price of the halibut chips was a lil spendy at nearly $14, but considered it’s a fresh fish and on the seafood menu, I let it slide. And then there was the drink. Nearly a whooping $6 (okay, well under $6) for a well strong drink. Hard liquor is always the spendy compared to a draft beer or something on tap. So in total I spent about $20 on a meal, which isn’t bad.

Overall, Buoy 9 was an excellent first review choice. I would give them a 9 out of a 10. So, now it’s time for a new experience. Hopefully, my photo quality gets better! 😀

WPC – Curve


We all know the saying “When life gives you lemons, you make lemonade.” Or how about “Karma is a bitch.” Or even “When one door closes, another one opens,” but what about curves? In every road there’s a curve. Sometimes it’s a switchback, sometimes it’s a small 5 degree, and others it is a complete 360.

I like to look at a curve as a new opportunity…maybe not as drastic as a new open door, but something in addition. This picture was taken in Winter of 2015 on the Santiam Pass. It was a new opportunity to spend with friends, have a few too many drinks, and make lots of new memories.

It brings back the memories of playing beer pong (horribly I must say), stack it (some of us were pretty good…), and listening to awesome 90s country music and singing obnoxiously at the wrong part of the songs. Although, this curve was nearly as big as some others curves in my life, but I do appreciate the time spent with good friends.



WCP – Numbers – 1433

OHSET (27)So I’ve been slacking the last couple of weeks. Work has been interesting with new changes of management, etc.

Numbers are everywhere. The first four-digit that comes to my mind is 1433. Four years I used that number to compete in Oregon High School Equestrian Team.

To me 1433 isn’t just a four-digit number. It’s the memories made with fellow equestrians. The team work of not just other members on my team but with the four different horses I’ve used throughout the four years of competing.

The endless hours of practice, two-point, no stirrups, perfecting certain aspects of a pattern, repetition of patterns, and the countless aspirin taken to dull the sore aching muscles.

Those are the memories associated with a four-digit number. I see 1433 and the memories of laughing for no reason, the lack of sleep: the 4 AM wake up calls to get ready for the 7 AM class, the late nights making sure the horses are taken care of before you yourself lay your head down. Memories that I will cherish and remember forever.


The Thankless Earth

When you take the time in your busy day to stop and look around, what do you see? Do you see the black smoke coming from the exhaust of a diesel truck? The cigarette smoke from the person waiting for the city bus? Or do you really look and spot the bright yellow flower blooming at your feet?

Everyday we go about the day and miss the absolute beauty that the Earth has given us. The Monarch butterfly fluttering in front of your face. The big white fluffy clouds being swept by the wind. The sun setting or raising showing it’s exuberant oranges and pinks. The seven colors of the rainbow after a heavy rainfall.

I stop and smell the roses, take the moment to awe the rainbow, and watch the elk calf nurse from it’s mom. I do too, sometimes forget all of wonderful things the Earth provides us, but every now and then I get to experience landscapes like this….


An old logging site and a beautiful rainbow West of Dallas, OR

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