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Life Lessons From Owning A Cat Part 2

Everything you own is not yours. Let me repeat that. When you have a cat, you own nothing. That fuzzy blanket you bought to curl up with? The cat owns it. The specialty pillow you bought for your bad back, the cat owns that too. The new pair of jeans you’re dying to wear to impress that certain guy, the cat also owns it. I’ll take a second for that to sink in.

It took me almost 5 years for me to finally admit that Emma owns everything I bring home. The hair ties. The printer. The computer case. Duffel bags. Back packs…everything.


WPC – Atop- Wonders of A Sunset

“When I admire the wonders of a sunset or the beauty of the moon, my soul expands in the worship of the creator.” -Mahatama Gandhi

The beautiful Eastern Oregon at it’s finest. At one of the top ridges looking down to the valley deep in the dry country. Caught a glimpse of one of God’s many creations as he decided to share with us.


On the way back to camp from a long day of hunting elk and mule deer in the fall last year. Stopped to snap a photo of the beautiful sunset.”>Atop

Idea Inspirations

I’ve been asked on many occasions on how do I get my ideas for stories. Well, it’s simple. Some ideas I get from personal experience, Sincerely, Kaitlynn. Others came from dreams, Concealed and Take Two. And then there’s the rare occurrence where I see a name that I fall in love with, and it gives me the inspiration to create a story that falls in line with the names I love, Koal and Noémie in B.N. Ranch Series: Price.

Those are the ideas, but what about the content? Again, they come from the same areas; experience, dreams, etc. I’m a thinker, so when it comes to ideas, I plan and plan. Then turns into thinking and thinking. I re-play scenes in my head probably a million times before I actually get them written…and yes the way I played it in my head the very first time is ALWAYS completely different than how it plays out when it’s written. Yes, sometimes that first version is better, but if I can’t remember what it was, then how am I suppose to get written..? Exactly, so I make a new plan. Let me tell you, most of the time I am replaying those scenes just minutes before passing out for the night. Which sucks, because when I get up in the morning I don’t always remember.

Although, none of the stories are represented by an agent, I hope some day (hopefully in the near future) that they will. Then again, out of the four stories…only one of them is completely finished (Concealed). I am in the final touches of editing before sending out my queries letters to agents.

Oregon Coast Adventure: Buoy 9 Review

Well here is my first review on the Oregon Coast!

Name: Buoy 9

Location: Hammond

Type of service: Bar, although family friendly

Food: Bar food, heard they have the best fish n chips

I got here early, just around 4:30 PM and decided to sit in the bar. I like the bar area, you can do a lot of people watching. 🙂 I was the only person here…awkward I know. I ordered a whiskey and coke with fresh halibut fish n chips. The bartender was very friendly, I’m sure she was bored. Because I was the only person here, I got my food fairly quickly.

Now the critique of the food and drink. The halibut chips were amazing. I’m a big fan of halibut in general, so it was exactly what I expected. It comes with your typical tarter sauce and lemon, which is a must for me. The french fries were the good thick cut, although it needed salt. I’m also a big fan of salted fries or taters. And I always do either a BBQ sauce or ranch. This time I did the BBQ, which looks and tastes homemade. I could be wrong though. The coleslaw was also homemade and it was fairly good. I’m usually very picky about coleslaw, I don’t eat it much because a lot of places don’t make it how I like it. But Buoy 9 was almost on mark. Definitely a lot better than other places.

I stayed as long as I could, and by the time I left there was three other groups. I could tell one group were locals and regulars, the way they chit-chatted with the bartender. Another group I overheard just moved into town, just happens to be the same apartment complex as Matt and I. And the other group didn’t sit in the bar area (underage). Anyways, it seems like a pretty laid back bar/restaurant. Then again I was there super early.

When I was ready to pay my check, I got my bill fairly quickly. I placed my debit card and finished making notes for my review. On the back of my card I have “Please See ID”, and for once the bartender actually asked for my ID. Not a lot of places ask for ID, so I was relatively pleased with it. The price of the halibut chips was a lil spendy at nearly $14, but considered it’s a fresh fish and on the seafood menu, I let it slide. And then there was the drink. Nearly a whooping $6 (okay, well under $6) for a well strong drink. Hard liquor is always the spendy compared to a draft beer or something on tap. So in total I spent about $20 on a meal, which isn’t bad.

Overall, Buoy 9 was an excellent first review choice. I would give them a 9 out of a 10. So, now it’s time for a new experience. Hopefully, my photo quality gets better! 😀

The Oregon Coast Adventure

Well I did it. This is probably the biggest adventure I’ve decided to do since…well ever. I ultimately decided to quit my job (never done that before), move to a whole new city (never done that either), and start fresh (again, never done that). All this to follow my heart and gut to a guy. Sounds a little like a Hallmark movie doesn’t it? Well far from that.

Ever feel like something will never last long? Whether it’s a relationship or hard time? I felt like when I started my job back in September 2015. When I accepted that job, I always felt like I wasn’t going to stay there for very long. Then my boyfriend graduated from college and got a job for the state on the Oregon coast. We’ve been together for a while and have talked about marriage.

So the ultimate plan is to move in together and eventually get hitched…right? Yep. So I did. Like every “dream” there’s a catch. When I gave my two weeks, my boyfriend had orders to be gone for over 5 months for training, which we knew about for awhile.

After I was done working, I had just over three days with my boyfriend before he had to leave. We moved two of those days, so that didn’t leave us much time to spend with each other.

So what do I do now? Lots of Netflix…I mean A LOT of it. Lots of Hulu, too. Organizing and cleaning our apartment. Being a hostage as my cat’s pillow. Pinterest…again a lot of it. I gotta find the new and improved cleaning and organization… 😉

But since this is a whole new adventure for myself, and I have no idea about all of the good places for food to what to do, it gave me an idea. I guess you can call it an ah-ha moment. I was driving back from the valley this past weekend, and decided that because I don’t know any of that, that once a week I will go out to a new restaurant or activity and write a review about my experience.

So, cheers to new adventures!


Recollection – The Year’s End

That moment when you look back at the year’s events make you think about everything you’ve been though. New challenges. Promotions. Job changes. Graduations. Money issues. Feeling like you’re actually caught up in life.

Then it hits you. You’ve been through a lot and somehow you made it. Whether it’s that promotion that help you get ahead. That one person who said they will be there for you, and they actually are. Long time friends that always know how things aren’t right, but somehow make it more bearable.

It may not seem like a lot to someone else, but when you break things down. It’s the little things that count. A smile. A call. Or even a bottle of wine. And because you may not know what the future may hold, you still have hope that everything will be okay. Pray that you can make it through another challenge. And enjoy the things that go well.

I know for sure how everyone feels. I started this blog, so I can get into the habit of writing and hopefully find some ideas and motivation to write my stories. But I know the past 6 months have been cray cray with my new promotion, new job hunting (still am), moving, and struggling to pay bills (and I’m still not sure how I made it with that…but I did….). I’m not going to make a New Year’s Resolution, but I do want to be able to write more and get back into blogging. Try to find the time and motivation, is going to be a whole new aspect…. :-/

WPC – Details – Caught In the Web

We’ve all in there. We are walking along and in an instant we become a ninja. That unknown, unseen cobweb has hit again.

In this picture I got to see the details of a spider web. The exquisite amount of time it took a spider in the middle of the woods to build such a beautiful piece of art for survival. That morning was unusually cold for an early September morning. The dew settling softly on the web with the early morning sunlight hitting it just right.

My boyfriend and I were having no luck of spotting any elk or deer, until I saw this. I remember yelling at him to stop so I could jump out to get a picture.


WPC – Partners – Thick & Thin

“Good friends are like the stars—You don’t always see them, but you know they’re always there.”                  -Unknown

That magical moment when you look back on your friendships and realize they have been with you through the think and thin.

WPC – Opposites – Not from the same pod

Not two people are the same. Nor dogs. Cats. Or anything else. That includes horses too. Erika and I had the exact opposite of each other in horses. Hershey is tall, black, young, and energetic. Magic was short, white, old, and lazy. Because they were such opposites, we decided to use that to our advantage. We teamed up and worked hard with the working pairs event for OHSET. Because they were such completely different horses with different strides and abilities the outcome wasn’t ideal. We barely placed in the top ten, but we didn’t care. We had fun. This was taken shortly after our class.

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