I’ve been asked on many occasions on how do I get my ideas for stories. Well, it’s simple. Some ideas I get from personal experience, Sincerely, Kaitlynn. Others came from dreams, Concealed and Take Two. And then there’s the rare occurrence where I see a name that I fall in love with, and it gives me the inspiration to create a story that falls in line with the names I love, Koal and Noémie in B.N. Ranch Series: Price.

Those are the ideas, but what about the content? Again, they come from the same areas; experience, dreams, etc. I’m a thinker, so when it comes to ideas, I plan and plan. Then turns into thinking and thinking. I re-play scenes in my head probably a million times before I actually get them written…and yes the way I played it in my head the very first time is ALWAYS completely different than how it plays out when it’s written. Yes, sometimes that first version is better, but if I can’t remember what it was, then how am I suppose to get written..? Exactly, so I make a new plan. Let me tell you, most of the time I am replaying those scenes just minutes before passing out for the night. Which sucks, because when I get up in the morning I don’t always remember.

Although, none of the stories are represented by an agent, I hope some day (hopefully in the near future) that they will. Then again, out of the four stories…only one of them is completely finished (Concealed). I am in the final touches of editing before sending out my queries letters to agents.