Well I did it. This is probably the biggest adventure I’ve decided to do since…well ever. I ultimately decided to quit my job (never done that before), move to a whole new city (never done that either), and start fresh (again, never done that). All this to follow my heart and gut to a guy. Sounds a little like a Hallmark movie doesn’t it? Well far from that.

Ever feel like something will never last long? Whether it’s a relationship or hard time? I felt like when I started my job back in September 2015. When I accepted that job, I always felt like I wasn’t going to stay there for very long. Then my boyfriend graduated from college and got a job for the state on the Oregon coast. We’ve been together for a while and have talked about marriage.

So the ultimate plan is to move in together and eventually get hitched…right? Yep. So I did. Like every “dream” there’s a catch. When I gave my two weeks, my boyfriend had orders to be gone for over 5 months for training, which we knew about for awhile.

After I was done working, I had just over three days with my boyfriend before he had to leave. We moved two of those days, so that didn’t leave us much time to spend with each other.

So what do I do now? Lots of Netflix…I mean A LOT of it. Lots of Hulu, too. Organizing and cleaning our apartment. Being a hostage as my cat’s pillow. Pinterest…again a lot of it. I gotta find the new and improved cleaning and organization… 😉

But since this is a whole new adventure for myself, and I have no idea about all of the good places for food to what to do, it gave me an idea. I guess you can call it an ah-ha moment. I was driving back from the valley this past weekend, and decided that because I don’t know any of that, that once a week I will go out to a new restaurant or activity and write a review about my experience.

So, cheers to new adventures!