OHSET (27)So I’ve been slacking the last couple of weeks. Work has been interesting with new changes of management, etc.

Numbers are everywhere. The first four-digit that comes to my mind is 1433. Four years I used that number to compete in Oregon High School Equestrian Team.

To me 1433 isn’t just a four-digit number. It’s the memories made with fellow equestrians. The team work of not just other members on my team but with the four different horses I’ve used throughout the four years of competing.

The endless hours of practice, two-point, no stirrups, perfecting certain aspects of a pattern, repetition of patterns, and the countless aspirin taken to dull the sore aching muscles.

Those are the memories associated with a four-digit number. I see 1433 and the memories of laughing for no reason, the lack of sleep: the 4 AM wake up calls to get ready for the 7 AM class, the late nights making sure the horses are taken care of before you yourself lay your head down. Memories that I will cherish and remember forever.