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June 2016

WPC – Curve


We all know the saying “When life gives you lemons, you make lemonade.” Or how about “Karma is a bitch.” Or even “When one door closes, another one opens,” but what about curves? In every road there’s a curve. Sometimes it’s a switchback, sometimes it’s a small 5 degree, and others it is a complete 360.

I like to look at a curve as a new opportunity…maybe not as drastic as a new open door, but something in addition. This picture was taken in Winter of 2015 on the Santiam Pass. It was a new opportunity to spend with friends, have a few too many drinks, and make lots of new memories.

It brings back the memories of playing beer pong (horribly I must say), stack it (some of us were pretty good…), and listening to awesome 90s country music and singing obnoxiously at the wrong part of the songs. Although, this curve was nearly as big as some others curves in my life, but I do appreciate the time spent with good friends.



Benefits of Having A Writer BFF

After a conversation with two of my best friends, Angel and Ginger, it sparked a new blog post idea. I tried to come up with the benefits of having your best friend being a writer, and I could only come up with a couple. So I decided to turn the tables and ask Angel and Ginger.

And here’s what they come up with:

  1. Getting secret insider story updates
  2. Having a writer BFF means having an ‘advice column’ at your disposal—even at 3 AM! Dating advice? Check. Style advice? Check. TV show advice? Check.
  3. Text messages are pure entertainment
  4. There will never be a boring moment waiting for your food at a restaurant, because your writer BFF can tell you a backstory for every passing stranger…including your waitress.
  5. Sometimes characters in your BFF’s book are named after you
  6. The moment when you’re at a get-together, and your BFF plops a computer in your lap and says “Story update!” and your heart swells because you feel so special and loved
  7. When you succeed at something, and your writer BFF can tell you how awesome you are in a million different ways.
  8. Birthday cards are epic
  9. Getting to help your writer BFF cast future movie spinoffs of her books
  10. When you’re sad, she has all the ‘write’ words to make you feel better…pun intended
  11. No great moment from your childhood will ever be forgotten, because your writer BFF kept a detailed journals of all of your adventures
  12. If you need a name for you pet/car/plant/etc., you BFF writer can give you 20+ names in under a minute

So to add a little about these….

  1. Most of the time a writer needs advice about how a story pans out and a lot of the time a writer has an agent and publisher on their side to help out. But for someone (like me), doesn’t have either. But I do have two very BFF’s who are always there for me.
  2. Ha! So, I’m not sure how much dating or style advice I’ve given them…I think I’ve asked them more, but I have given them lots and lots of new TV shows and movies for them to check out. Or even the latest book I read.
  3. Well, I think this one is pretty self-explanatory. There are times when I get hit with an idea (usually when I’m driving home from a long day or week at work), and I want their opinion about how good the idea is…or bad.
  4. The creativity of a writer is endless. We can, on the dime, come up with how someone got to where they are today.
  5. Because they both are such influential people in my life, I believe one of the best ways to show them how much I appreciate them is by adding them in little snippets.
  6. Again…ADVICE needed! Help! I’m stuck!!!
  7. Because you’ve helped me with my dream, I believe in celebrating your achievements as well. What kind of relationship would it be, if we only cared about thyself? A pretty crappy one.
  8. No one likes a boring birthday card…trust me.
  9. This just gives us an excuse to look at hot actors on Pinterest….
  10. I don’t like seeing my BFFs having a crappy day because some asshole doesn’t care…
  11. I like to use moments of our adventures together in my stories, even if they are small and settle.
  12. I always have a list of names for characters, their pets, cars, etc. etc.


Angel and Ginger: NONE!

WCP – Numbers – 1433

OHSET (27)So I’ve been slacking the last couple of weeks. Work has been interesting with new changes of management, etc.

Numbers are everywhere. The first four-digit that comes to my mind is 1433. Four years I used that number to compete in Oregon High School Equestrian Team.

To me 1433 isn’t just a four-digit number. It’s the memories made with fellow equestrians. The team work of not just other members on my team but with the four different horses I’ve used throughout the four years of competing.

The endless hours of practice, two-point, no stirrups, perfecting certain aspects of a pattern, repetition of patterns, and the countless aspirin taken to dull the sore aching muscles.

Those are the memories associated with a four-digit number. I see 1433 and the memories of laughing for no reason, the lack of sleep: the 4 AM wake up calls to get ready for the 7 AM class, the late nights making sure the horses are taken care of before you yourself lay your head down. Memories that I will cherish and remember forever.


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