To the lady in the red chevy who bought my coffee on May 6, 2016 in McMinnville, OR at the Dutch Bros. in the Bi-Mart parking lot:

Thank you. This probably won’t get to you, but I hope it does. I appreciate the kindness you provided to a stranger. The note (picture below) made me think. Not sure how many people you have encouraged maybe I was the only one, but I am sure that many won’t think twice about it. They probably won’t pay-it-forward or even tell anyone else what you’ve done. I truly believe if someone does you good, you should re-pay them in some sort of a way. But if the circumstances, like this, makes it difficult to thank them, then paying-it-forward is the best option.

I don’t go to Dutch Bros very often, but when I do it’s when I desperately need something to wake me up for a long day of work. That Friday morning was different though. It was a long a week of many hours of work and lack of sleep that made me get a coffee. Not only that it was Drink One For Dane fundraiser . Although I don’t personally know anyone with ALS, I do have friends and family who suffer from incurable diseases. I had every intention of leaving a good tip to be donated.

I was surprised and I am sure the barista was trying to hurry me up so they could continue with the 10+ cars behind me. After the initial shock, I started thinking. I’ll pay-it-forward. So, if you’re around McMinnville, Dallas, or Salem areas keep an eye out, maybe I’ll pay for your next coffee drink. 😉