When you take the time in your busy day to stop and look around, what do you see? Do you see the black smoke coming from the exhaust of a diesel truck? The cigarette smoke from the person waiting for the city bus? Or do you really look and spot the bright yellow flower blooming at your feet?

Everyday we go about the day and miss the absolute beauty that the Earth has given us. The Monarch butterfly fluttering in front of your face. The big white fluffy clouds being swept by the wind. The sun setting or raising showing it’s exuberant oranges and pinks. The seven colors of the rainbow after a heavy rainfall.

I stop and smell the roses, take the moment to awe the rainbow, and watch the elk calf nurse from it’s mom. I do too, sometimes forget all of wonderful things the Earth provides us, but every now and then I get to experience landscapes like this….


An old logging site and a beautiful rainbow West of Dallas, OR