Leave it to the cat to play with the most unusual things. You’ve probably seen cats play the boxes, shoe string, pom poms, etc. 6:30 AM I look up from my bowl of frosted flakes to find the cat was bringing me a toy. I don’t think twice about it, because my cat is always bringing me a toy to throw for her. Yes, she fetches. Yes, I taught her. And no, it wasn’t intentional-that’s another story.

Anyway, I get up and put my bowl in the sink and go to my room to collect my work clothes. I just happen to look down at what she was bringing me. Bra padding. Yes, you read that right. It was padding from a sports bra. I recently had done my laundry and my sports bra padding had came out, and I just tossed it to the bed thinking I’ll put back later. Well, the cat got to it first. She picked it up and continued to follow me to my room. I stopped and looked down at her and she was the most happiest kitty ever. She was so proud to have a new toy.

What lesson did I learn? Well, lets just say I don’t buy expensive toys for her anymore….