My second year bow hunting was in September 2015. That first weekend was hunting from hell. The week leading up to opening weekend all the weather channels were saying heavy rain and high wind gusts in our hunting grounds. (Side note: every hunter knows not to talk about their hunting spot, because they know if they tell one person then the whole world and their brother will be there. It’s just like fishing…). We decided to go anyways. We got a late start Friday night and ended up pulling into camp just before dark. As we pulled in, we noticed there was an extra trailer and vehicles. My boyfriend and I start getting the trailer ready and settled in for the weekend. I walk over to our buddies’ trailer with the homemade coffee cupcakes with a dark chocolate cream cheese frosting. YUM!

I love that feeling when people are eager to try my new cupcake creations…even if they turn out bad.

I mentioned to them I brought cupcakes and both men jumped up without asking twice.

“Oh I love you!” said one. *Takes bite out of cupcake* “You know how I said I loved you? I mean I really love you now!” He says joking.

The other man claims his cupcake and bites into it. “Man these are really good!”

I asked who the other group was and they replied, don’t know. They just pulled in saying they’ve been camping in that same spot for ten years and weren’t going to give it up now. Whatever.

Matt and I finished getting things ready for an early raise. I hit the hay as soon as we finished dinner. 2:30 AM comes quickly!

The whole night all we heard was the down pour of rain and the rocking the trailer…and no it’s not what you think. The wind was slowly gathering it’s speed throughout the night. We woke up and started one of many rituals. Start generator. Turn on the stove to heat water for oatmeal and get the coffee pot going. We discussed where we should hunt. We decided to try the spot where we saw a lot of sign the previous weekend.

We drove up to the spot, the weather was still pretty windy, so we thought we would stay above all the trees. We parked on top and waited until it dawn came. As we snoozed we could hear trees snapping, breaking, and falling to the ground. The wind started to gust up to 60 mph and the rain started to fall. We ultimately decided it would be safer if we didn’t hike into the woods.

All morning we drove around looking for signs of elk or deer or anything we could fling a couple of arrows at. Nothing. It was cold, wet, and windy. Everything was hunkered down to wait out the storm.

Matt and I decided it was time to head back to camp for some lunch and a nap. We pass our friends on their way to town for fuel and supplies. We get back to camp and walk into the trailer to find that one of the vent covers had broken off from the wind. The bed, blankets, and a pillow were wet. Exactly what we didn’t want to deal with.

Matt (luckily) had a huge cameo tarp that we attempted to put on top of the trailer to keep the  rain out. We were  having some majors problems when our buddies showed up. Luckily for us they stayed to help us out. Took about a hour to get the tarp on and tied down. The group that decided to join our hunting party was watching us struggle as the wind picked up. One guy was parked by the big trees that surrounded the campsite and thought that his big Dodge truck was in danger of a branch breaking and falling onto his truck. So he determined that moving his truck next to our trailer and by a small tree. Not even five minutes later, a huge wind gust comes through the camp knocks a branch down of the small tree right on top of the Dodge truck. At the same time, one of buddies tent went down from the gust. We spent another hour trying to get the tent back up.

All I can say is that hunting always has some interesting stories. And for only going hunting for two years, I can say for sure that I already have a handful of funny stories. Lets just say the whole weekend was a bust, we didn’t see or hear anything. The only thing that came out of it is a good story.