To a person you see a white line you think nothing, but for a horse it’s a big ugly monster ready to jump out at them.

Every home football game our school has the equestrian team run the American flag before every game. My horse Magic and I have worked together for three years, and we know the ins and outs of each other. We have ridden over and past white lines millions of times for gaming events, previous flag running, and trail courses. No biggie, right?

Another football game came, and we were ready. Magic was bathed, glistened white hairs, muzzle, ears, and bridle path clipped; red and blue ribbon streamed into his white mane and tail while sporting blue polo wraps and blue saddle pad. I was dressed up in black wrangler jeans, white long sleeved shirt, and my black cowboy hat fastened with a couple dozen bobby pins-don’t want that thing flying off!

Flag (2)

We were warmed up and ready to run the flag. Not exactly sure what thought came through his head, but he had it in his mind that it was time to give everyone a new show. We galloped along the straight stretch and all a sudden Magic eyed that out of bounce white line, jumped, and bucked a couple of times. For anyone who has been on a bucking horse before knows that it’s not always easy to stay on. For me I had a bucking horse and flag in my right hand, what’s a rider to do? Laugh of course. I knew Magic wasn’t the type to go off into a bucking spree, so I knew it was short lived.

After the couple of bucks, both Magic and I kept loping along like nothing happened. We finished the ceremony and started to walk off the field. The other rider came up to me to ask me what had happened. I told her that Magic felt good and wanted everyone else to see.

Flag (6)
Flag (9)