For any horse owner we all know the pros and cons of horse ownership, but for those who think “You just sit there; the horse does all the work” or it’s easy owning a horse. Well, think again. There’s a lot more to owning a horse than just riding it.

Lets start out with the good. A horse is an expensive therapy session, but the good thing is that they don’t talk back or talk out of turn. You literally have a friend for life, almost like a dog, but usually more stubborn. You get to ride it, give it treats like carrots or like my gelding’s preference red licorice, and pet it. Yeah, there’s lots of perks of owning a horse.

OHSET (17)

The bad…hmm, well there’s a lot of ‘bad’. For one thing, a horse shits a lot, what goes in must come out. If you have kids, you know. Horses are expensive, a person has to pay a farrier every 6-8 weeks, a vet for the out of no where lameness, grass hay, grain if needed, supplements, deworming products, plus if you don’t have your own acreage than board on top of everything else. In some cases that out of no where lameness costs you 4 months of soaking, cutting out edges, and wrapping the hoof/foot. Which means the bad got really bad…which also means there’s no good of riding. A lot of the time you spend cleaning up the horse be able to ride. If I broke it down about ¾ of time you’re out at the barn is spending mucking stalls, feeding and watering, turning horses out, and cleaning them up after a lovely afternoon out in the sun.


The ugly, is really ugly. Some people don’t understand the whole concept that a horse is a 1,000+ pound animal that doesn’t care if your foot was there first or not. A horse has a mind of it’s own and in some circumstances will do what it pleases even if it means hurting you.


In the picture that was a young horse decided he didn’t want to be left alone and reared up. I got the saddle horn into the V of my ribs, I was told by my doctor that I was lucky to be alive. A horse is exactly what Ian Fleming says,

“A horse is dangerous at both ends and slippery in the middle.”

Okay, I made horse ownership sound horrible, but if you’re the type of person that likes to get dirty, don’t mind finding hay down your bra, like to spend money on horse related stuff rather than go shopping with the girlfriends, and likes to work hard than horse ownership might be for you. If you are really serious into getting a horse, do your research. Start by going to a local horse riding stables, get lessons, learn as much as you can, but the most important thing is to have fun.